Watch “I Got COVID… – WAN Show April 22, 2022” on YouTube

Hybrid smartwatches ftw (again) Withings, fossil/Skagen, Garmin though many probably still have more health than Linus is looking for.

The e-ink display on the fossil/Skagen HR models in particular are reminiscent of the pebble, though the companion app is still a bit awkward.

I feel like I’ve had to give up features each of my last 5 phone upgrades. Generally the shift to revenue focus seems to be wide spread. Apparently it’s a symptom of hiring more MBAs

I block the YouTube app (and most other apps (kindle never has a time sensitive need for my attention) from sending me notifications on my phone. So if I do the bell it remains in the app/website notifications tab but never interferes with my life.

Elon paid a ~$100k fine for not disclosing his stake in twitter, but he made ~$156m based on the additional stake he was able to accumulate before the disclosure ramped the price. That’s the problem.