Marvel Future Fight : Darkhold LMDs

I’m fully going to to a guide for this game.

For now:

Alliance Conquest: At lower levels greatly favors large collections if you love collecting all the characters you can make strides in the early game here. But that’s an expensive way to play. And yeah the timing is annoying and particularly as you rank up I need to defend and gain back territory the time commitment at specific times on specific days that do not correspond to when the notifications show up it’s a rough game mode that I don’t love honestly. The randomness that there is no consistent metric for example in world event it’s really nice to compare different characters and if you’re willing to put in the time different leadership again as a training mode world event should be available all the time with maybe like 6-hour leagues the fact that is only available for an our four times a day The limited availability is tough in a game mode that already makes you wait in order to use the mobile currency patterns

Using audio transcription is going to require editing