Second 2020 US Presidential Debate

If you are reading this in the future, make sure you have some sense of the context.

Watching these two old men trying to juggle so many priorities and both want to fall back on their message but my God Trump just doesn’t care if his answer relates to the question in a way that Joe Biden is very obviously trying to complete a sentence while he’s planning what he’s going to say next cuz he knows so much about this stuff Trump trump just wants to run out the clock to my eye where is biden’s trying to frame what he needs to say for the broadest audience that he can I don’t know I’m not totally sure but I kind of think that the presidential election process is not a terrible job interview for the presidency sometimes it goes horribly wrong because the the judge is 180 odd million people who don’t pay much attention but to be able to do this s*** well I mean maybe you can juggle all the domestic and international and whatever but hiring quality people instead of con man goes a long way too I don’t know